Re: NVDA 2021.1 beta and Code Factory Voices


On this ;page, how do you know what you are looking for, a downloadable version that can be run as it is.  I imagine it is on the site but I am not familiar with how things are stated and organized on such pages.
Also, since this page seems to be for the driver, whered do you find whatever else is necessary?

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Chris, Eloquence all the way! However, IMO, there's really no need to pay for the SAPI version as it's relatively limited in some ways. I suggest the following feature-rich and up-to-date free add-on:
If you add the required library to it (I mean the stuff which can't ship with the add-on), you'll have an awesome-sounding Eloquence/IBMTTS engine for NVDA. Then combine it with the following and no engine can match its unrivaled pronunciations:


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