Re: NVDA 2021.1 beta and Code Factory Voices

Rui Fontes

Sorry, but IBM ViaVoice and Eloquence were both developed by Eloquent Technology Inc, there the ETI...

Later Eloquent Technology becomes SpeechWorks Technology and lately Nuance...

Rui Fontes

Às 15:58 de 27/05/2021, Gene escreveu:

the link has the name IBM in it.  That makes me suspicious that this is Via Voice, not Eloquence.  Via Voice sounds like Eloquence and, in my experience, is indistinguishable in sound and performance to Eloquence.  But to keep things accurate, Via Voice was developed by IBM and Eloquence wasn’t.
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Chris, Eloquence all the way! However, IMO, there's really no need to pay for the SAPI version as it's relatively limited in some ways. I suggest the following feature-rich and up-to-date free add-on:
If you add the required library to it (I mean the stuff which can't ship with the add-on), you'll have an awesome-sounding Eloquence/IBMTTS engine for NVDA. Then combine it with the following and no engine can match its unrivaled pronunciations:


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