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It may be a remnant of an old Openbook but it is nothing to worry about.  If IBM had cared if Via Voice was used with other programs on your machine after you purchased it along with a program, they would have restricted its use as Vispero restricts its version of Eloquence to only its programs.  Since IBM could have done this for all the years it used Via Voice and didn’t, I consider that as meaning that they didn’t care if it was used with other programs.

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Subject: [nvda] Question about SAPI 4 version of eloquence
Hi.  I use a combination of JAWS, OpenBook, and NVDA, so I have a fully-licenced copy of Eloquence.  The interesting thing is that what sounds like a combination of Eloquence and IBM Viavoice (depending on which voice you select) is listed as “SAPI 4” in the NVDA list of synthesizers.  The only thing I can think of regarding what sounds like the Viavoice synthesizer is that it might be a remnant from an older version of OpenBook.  Given the recent discussion about using software, I want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

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