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Crayton Benner <craybay3198@...>

Yes. That's a good use for that. 

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, 17:53, William James <wil@...> wrote:

One case I can think of right off the bat is tech support.  Let’s say someone has a computer that is not responding or they have a setting that got tweaked.  A totally blind person could remote in using a Bluetooth keyboard with the iDevice and troubleshoot the issue.


I’m sure more folks will have better explanations than mine.



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This is a serious question, and not meant to be taken as snarky:  What need is this addressing?

Since NVDA (and JAWS, for that matter) are PC platform only software, I can't imagine what the benefit of trying to control it from the iOS platform would be.  I can't even figure out what the UI for NVDA Remote under iOS would be.

Since there seems to be enthusiasm, I ask those who have it to enlighten me.

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