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derek riemer

Hello all:

NVDACon U.S. (The conference for NVDA users in North America) is happening this weekend!!!!
We have selected 3 panelists who will be announced publicly soon. I would like to extend an invitation to the NVDA community to present questions you would like the panelists to answer. If you have a question for our panelists, feel free to either post it here, or send an email to the following address.

The planning committee will vote on the best questions on Wednesday night at 9 eastern, so please send the questions before then if you would like your question included in the question-off.

NVDACon U.S. Website:

Derek Riemer

  • Department of computer science, third year undergraduate student.
  • Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
  • Open source enthusiast.
  • Member of Bridge Cu
  • Avid skiier.

Honors portfolio
Awesome little hand built weather app!

email me at derek.riemer@...
Phone: (303) 906-2194

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