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On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 07:39 AM, Mallard wrote:
I mean... Ever heard of providing support while on a train or the like, thus unlikely ot have a computer handy?

Sighted people can do that. I'd love to think that blind people will be able to do that too.
Other than by talking phone, no, not really.  I seldom see techs doing anything "heavy duty" remotely if not seated in front of a machine where all the tools they use are at their disposal or are actually sitting in front of "the patient."

I'd certainly not try to provide (sighted) remote support using my smartphone while traveling other than to talk someone through what they could try as DIY troubleshooting.  I can't do anything significant without a real keyboard.  I doubt I'm alone in being someone who does not have such on them, even in folding Bluetooth format, at all times.

Note well, all of the above is to address the misconception that sighted techs are routinely providing the kind of remote support that would typically require a computer and keyboard while out and about with only their smartphones.  I've never once encountered that.  That scenario is, in my experience and observation, about as realistic as most of the computer hacking in entertainment where everyone gets in with about 5 second's effort.

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