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Students can use whatever they want as they progress, but I see nothing wrong with having spoken repetitions reinforcing learning in a case like this. 
I’m not generalizing about interfaces.  But I think it is important for those beginning to learn web navigation to hear what mode they are in.

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Also, for those learning NVDA, I don’t think sound should be used.  Repetition is important in learning and hearing actual words would help those learning both become more aware of the terms and perhaps be more aware of when they are in which mode.
Sorry, Gene, but sound indicators for a very great many things, and outside of NVDA, are so common as to be virtually ubiquitous.  More common that word or phrase announcements, I'd say.

You, any you, are best off learning the actual default conventions of whatever it is your using, and then, and only then, changing things to suit your personal liking.  Knowing how to use the native interfaces of everything you use, before customizing them, saves a heck of a lot of heartache if you are someone who finds themselves having to use the software other than on your own equipment.  I used to heavily customize for clients, and early on back in the day, until I saw just how many times they had to jump on to another machine (most were students in college, but not all) and they'd have no idea at all what the native interfaces were telling them.  Not good.

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