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You know I wouldn't be happy with being told via things like speech for different commands.

Now maybe for say events with sounds but I know when I copy things and I know when I paste things.

But if you wanted sounds I have no issues with events for sounds.

In my brouser I like navigation sounds and sometimes page loading sounds, end of download sound so when something finnishes thats fine to.

On 29/05/2021 4:53 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

          The problem being, much like the ribbon interface being here and here to stay, the ships of automatic mode switching off and use of verbal mode prompts being used have sailed long ago and are not coming back.

           Even if I agreed with your positions in the abstract, and I don't, the best thing for beginning students is to learn using the out of the box defaults.  This is for the very simple reason that other than some minor tweaking, if that, most people don't do tons of customization away from the defaults.  Being able to sit in front of any random machine that uses software you're familiar with, and being able to use it without hitting unnecessary stumbling blocks, is so hugely valuable as to be unable to be ignored or waved away.

            I don't, and won't, ever presume that someone who's using a screen reader will never be using it anywhere except their own home/office, and that being able to sit down and just "hit the ground running" on a machine unfamiliar to them is something they'd want, without even asking the question.  That's how general education works, then once the foundations and defaults are known, personalization decisions get made then (and, if you're smart, you'll record what you've done, when you're doing it, because I have yet to meet anyone who remembers what they've done weeks/months/years later when they need or want to re-create it).

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