Re: nvda and latest windows update


I tried:
1. Start NVDA (under Windows 10 Version 21H1 build 19043.1023).
2. Press Windows+B to go to notification area.
3. Press right arrow until arriving at clock icon.
4. Wait five minutes.

Expected behavior: NVDA announces time changes.
Actual: NVDA announces time changes.
I guess this might be unique to your system unless others report similar issues.

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Well, run nvda, move to and read the time as you would usually do in systray.

Now wait a bit, say 5-10 minutes.
Check the time again.

Check with another clock.

At first I tried with windows but my dimention4 sync says I am at the right time.

The time will be whatever the last time it synced.

Then go to settings and from the nvda menu do a revert to saved configuration and the time will be updated.

I am unsure if the time events are not reading or if they are massively slowed down, because I was on the system for quite a while about 4 hours and suddenly the time did seem to resync but it only happened once like that.

So its either slow or not that fast.

I also found when opening the network icon in my computer or is it this pc, I have changed icons to look like the older icon names I have been used to since windows 95 because I could change the text label.

The network will display.

But it won't always refresh.

In fact I got it into a state where it wouldn't list everything but going to control panel and devices and printers and scroling round seemed to refresh things.

I am not sure if its nvda or an actual event syncing issue.

Its not a critical showstopper but it does mean for example if I say open the start menu or sometimes open a site some events don't take or I open my computer well this pc or whatever was the last thing I did and I have tried another keyboard, its almost like some events are not being tracked.

The log sometimes lists problems but a lot of the time doesn't.

While this certainly is not a reload all over event, its a potential concern as while I have several clocks here I don't always have a clock near me with my remote work.

So I guess I will have to keep my phone close by to check things.

It doesn't hamper general opperations generally but I did notice this.

It would be interesting exactly where the scenarios applied for the uia changes to be needed in the first place though.

This change has definitely broken some things though.

The only difference is unlike 2019 I can still use the system, its more of an inconvenience rather than a real problem.

As far as my syncronisation program tells me, time is actually normally doing its thing within windows itself.

On 28/05/2021 8:51 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
STR (steps to reproduce) please, as it falls under my area of research (I've been curious about impact of this change myself).

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Subject: [nvda] nvda and latest windows update


This is not a critical showstopper but it appears after the latest optional, for some reason nvda no longer can read some events.

That can include things like the time and some things like network devices, its not a big issue but if you depend on nvda to read the clock from systray you may want to leave this update alone.

Nvda reports uia and garbage errors with virtual buffers but the log doesn't always generate.

You can fix this briefly by restarting nvda but its almost like some events are not beeing able to be read in realtime or something.

One of the fixes with this latest update is to change some reader issues in general with some uia conditions, and I am sure its fixed something.

However some live updateable things are no longer updating.


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