ms word training book


Well I have managed to get the book ordered.
I had a job doing so.
The first thing, I tried to enter my info, but the paypal button refused to click.
Luckily I had an account.
I had lost my password though so got another.
I got back in and then tried again.
I managed to get the cart up but had 2 of the same order.
I updated it again and got the right amount.
I hit pay, entered my paypal info and hit pay.
It said it was done.
I returned to the store.
no download, no paypal recipt nothing but I did get a success number.
My account showed the thing as not payed.
On paying again the order canceled itself.
I tried again.
This time everything seemed to go through and the file was added to my downloads.
The order still remains in my cart.
I got the recipt as it should have happened, I just hope I havn't payed 3 times, for the book, something seems up, maybe the system is getting bogged down.
I always support the reader by buying the training modules.

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