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Hmmm some of the issues I have had only happen on the hp systems I own and not others so it could be one of those random configuration issues going about.

For example I have an error code 8000 on updates on my hp systems 2 of them that say they can't install yet they do and not my asus one.

If I get the same issue on theother intel hp system I have as well as my amd one then its probably a wait and see what happens its going to eventually get fixed and it can be gotten round.

If there is a key to tell nvda to refresh  its buffers and everything that would probably do.

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At least this points to something odd going on with a particular system.

I doubt that this is what has changed in build 19043.1023, as the changelog Shaun talks about may have to do with UIA controls, and clock icon is not seen as a UI Automation control by NVDA (years ago I spent a summer weekend adding support for UIA dialog property in NVDA, which was a fun adventure).




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In my case, using NVDA 2020.4, on Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, Version 21H1, Build 19043.985, it seems to work fine.

In fact, if I just let NVDA sit on the button, it's announcing the time change automatically as each minute changes.

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