Re: is there a way to copy a link from the body of an email?

Betsy Grenevitch

I want to thank everyone who gave suggestions about saving a link for an email. It was a word link. I also want to thank Brian because he also did such a great job writing me privately to make sure I could work through it.

thanks to everyone for such a quick response.

I thought you might be interested that on the Asus keyboard shift-F10 key does not get me to the context menu. My daughter had to remind me--and now it is written down--that context menu on this laptop is the (I am not sure if it is saying FN or F-end key) plus the right control key. When I turn on keyboard help it does not say anything when I push down the key. It is just to the wright of the left control key.

On 5/28/2021 6:03 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:

If you move to the link with K, you can do one of the following:

Application key, or Shift+F10, and choose Copy link or something like;

If the link is not a word, but a proper link you can press Insert+NumPad 5 three times...

Rui Fontes

Às 21:52 de 28/05/2021, Betsy Grenevitch escreveu:
I looked up what I had written in the past but have not been able to get the link to copy from an email to the clipboard so that I can put it in another email.

I am using the latest version of thunderbird and as far as I know the latest version of NVDA until the one that is just coming out.

Any help would be appreciated. What I tried is the insert key on the numpad while pressing the number 5 on the numpad twice but nothing seems to be saving to the clipboard.

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