Version, Version, Version - I'm Begging You!! #adminnotice


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Not that it isn't always important to include version information in your queries, because it is, but it's even more critical than usual right now.

Please, I beg you, at the bare minimum include the NVDA version you're asking about.  With the 2021.1 transition period upon us it's more important than ever to identify whether the issue is occurring when you're using alpha, beta, or release candidates for that release or the production release 2020.4.  For folks using 2021.1, I'm always going to assume the most recently available build unless explicitly told otherwise.

Just the 11 characters, either NVDA 2020.4, or NVDA 2021.1 at the outset of a query would be most helpful. You can even drop the NVDA part if you wish, as all of us here know that 2021.1 and 2020.4 refer to NVDA itself.

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