trying to activate a pulldown menu on an obscure program

Joseph Norton

Hi listers:


I use a program for DOS emulation to run some older software called “DOSBox-X” (not to be confused with DOSBOX).  It has pull down menus at the top of the window, which are, themselves, accessible.  NVDA will read them ok.  I can even find them using Screen Review mode.  However, when I try to use NVDA plus numpad enter to click on one of them, I usually get thrown to the desktop.  I also have tried NVDA plus numpad slash, to move the mouse pointer to the current navigator object, but, it still throws me to the desktop.


If anyone wants to look at this, you can download a build from this link.  Note you have to install some other components to get it to work.  Once it launches, you can press CTRL plus f9 to close the emulator.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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