Re: Farewell, NVDA community: retiring from NVDA contributions, effective September 1, 2021


God bless you and His infinite mercy, kindness, graces, and support i
pray for you sincerely!

On 6/1/21, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hi NVDA users,

Update: just submitted last NVDA pull request for now.

In order to spend more time on transitioning to graduate school, I'm
retiring from NVDA code contributions, effective June 1, 2021. I'll still be
around to coordinate preparing add-ons for NVDA 2021.1 stable release, and
will provide leadership on add-ons community until then.

Thanks to everyone who sent encouragements, both on this thread and for the
last nine years. I'm more satisfied to hear how NVDA has made a difference
in a person's life, more than seeing people use what I have contributed:
improved touchscreen support, Windows 10 support (search suggestions, emoji
panel, clipboard history, supporting modern apps), playing sounds when
suggestions appear, toggling NVDA start and exit sounds, and others I lost
count. Through my add-ons, you have context-sensitive help on using
controls, much better touchscreen usage experience, resource usage
reporting, and the ability to keep up to date with add-ons. But these are
nothing compared to contributing to getting NVDA to help you unlock your
potential. I know that NVDA will make a huge difference in people's lives
for years to come; the true power and market share of NVDA is not the
download count but lives improved by it.

P.S. I will indeed post an update once Add-on Updater starts noticing new
versions of my add-ons.

Farewell, NVDA Users community. long live NVDA, NV Access, NVDA community!

Joseph S. Lee
Certified NVDA Expert, 2019
former Volunteer code contributor, translator, community add-ons reviewer,
NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project (June 2012 to May 2021)

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