NVDA 2021.1 and community add-ons: status page is now available


Hello NVDA users,

Many of you are wondering about whether or not your favorite NVDA add-ons will be ready for NVDA 2021.1. To answer this question, the add-ons community has prepared a status page listing add-ons hosted on community add-ons website and their NVDA 2021.1 compatibility status:

Add-ons and backwards incompatible NVDA releases (nvda-project.org)


Note that things can change without notice, and the page does not include newly added add-ons; add-ons added to community add-ons website in recent days will be included in the status page soon. Also, I have asked the add-ons community to update this document from time to time whenever backwards incompatible NVDA version enters beta testing phase (I myself will contribute to this document if my add-ons do become compatible with future NVDA releases; I might not be able to update add-ons in a timely manner while taking graduate courses).


As always, feedback about add-ons should be sent to add-on authors.




And with that, fade to black.


P.S. I love you all. Stay safe and healthy.



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