locked Re: Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA


I was gonna do that, Brian, but I was rather waiting for anyone who'd
updated to weigh in on whether or not they were having any difficulty.
Clearly a couple folks did so & said they weren't. So I
uninstalled/reinstalled, & indeed, that fixed it. (huge sigh of

You just never know if an update is going to make changes that make a
product unusable w/a screen reader, though the last time it happened
in Firefox, we were given prior warning. Since none was issued this
time, I felt it might be safe. Clearly somethin got corrupted.

On 6/1/21, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@...> wrote:
It's working fine for me too with the current beta version of NVDA.

On 6/1/2021 1:11 PM, Chris Smart wrote:

working fine here with both the latest Jaws and the current NVDA beta.

On 2021-06-01 3:59 p.m., Jackie wrote:
Subject says it all, really. Everything just says "unknown" when
trying to use Firefox version 89 using Windows 10. Microsoft Windows
Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.985).

Yes, addons of both NVDA & Firefox are now disabled, & I have
refreshed Firefox. Yes, I can provide a log for interested parties.
Yes, I have tried running comm registration tool. There is text on
the screen, Seeing AI sees it, but NVDA does not recognize it, nor
does narrator.

I'm hosed.

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