locked Re: Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA

Luke Davis

Could a corrupted Firefox profile cause this?

Can you try running with a clean profile from the commandline, and see if that fixes it?

Windows+r, type:

firefox.exe -p

In the profile manager that opens, create a new profile and have Firefox open with it.
Instructions from: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-remove-switch-firefox-profiles

Creating a profile

After starting the Profile Manager as explained above, you can create a new, additional profile as follows:
1. In the Profile Manager, click Create Profile... to start the Create Profile Wizard.
2. Click Next and enter the name of the profile. Use a profile name that is descriptive, such as your personal name. This name is not exposed on the Internet.
3. Disregard the Choose Folder prompt unless you wish to choose where to store the profile on your computer.
Warning: If you choose your own folder location for the profile, select a new or empty folder. If you choose a folder that isn't empty and you later remove the profile and choose the "Delete Files" option, everything inside that folder will be deleted.
4. To create the new profile, click FinishDone.

You will be taken back to the Profile Manager and the new profile will be listed. When you first start Firefox with the new profile, you will be prompted to sign in to your Firefox Account so that you can [68]sync your data with the new profile (see below).


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