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I don't know how people didn't seem to read the exchange I had with Mike on this subject.  It appears that no one is using the method Mike uses, which works, and as far as I can see, the version of Drop Box being used doesn't matter.  I have what, as far as I know, is the most recent version.
If Drop Box is running, close it so you are starting from the same place as I did when I tried this.
Then run Drop Box in the usual way, by pressing enter on the Drop Box icon on the desk top.
Once it is ready, press enter on the icon again.
Drop Box will open and read a message that says to log in, use control g.
Execute the command control g.
Your default browser will open on the Drop Box login page.
Log in.
You will be logged in in the Drop Box application and you will remain logged in using the application even if you close and reopen it. 
If you alt tab around, you may see a window at some point that is titled drop box error.  Ignore it.  You are not following a supported procedure, but the error window has no effect on what you are doing.
All your files will be indexed again but once the indexing message disappears from the system tray information about Drop Box it will be ready to use.  It may take awhile for the indexing message to stop being displayed and.  You will see the usual up to date message after it disappears.  There will be a very brief time when you see some other message about changing a certain number of files or something like that but it doesn't matter.  It will be replaced with the up to date message. 

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Now I tried it with Dropbox 1.6.0.exe, Dropbox 2.11.46.exe and Dropbox 3.8.8
Offline Installer.exe and it is allways the same. Dropbox don't let me in.
It recognize that I try to connect from XP - and that's it.
So if somebody is able to log-in - lucky boy!

Yours sincerely


Am Dienstag, 13. September 2016 09:35 schrieb Brian's Mail list account

> Well, I did not download it on two of the machines as they were still
> downloading the updates from dropbox, but one thing may be important
> as on one machine where the program had been uninstalled I used an
> old copy of the offline installer, ie not the stub based on normally used.
> This installed and worked and updated itself to the  latest
> version The other point of course is that all my machines do have the
> registry
> moddification to allow windows and msse updates till 2019, though it
> calls them  by a different name. The operating system still
> identifies itself as xp though.
> I have not  had time to test this again today, but its worked for a
> da few days so far.
> Brian

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