Still got the problem, but can reproduce the same with that setting turned on.

On 6/2/2021 5:34 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Could be - Tim and anyone else hitting this bug - do you have the exit dialog disabled?

With the exit dialog disabled (in NVDA's general settings), I CAN replicate this by trying to exit via the menu.  Exiting via the keystroke (NVDA+Q) works fine.  For anyone hitting this, a fix has been merged and should be in the next beta when it comes out.

Also, I'm just curious on the workflow for those hitting this?  I would have assumed that you disable the exit dialog because you have customized NVDA to be efficient and to do things quickly..... in which case I would have also guessed you would exit via the keystroke which is quicker.  Obviously I'm wrong there, but just wanting to make sure I'm not making any other assumptions?


On Wed, Jun 2, 2021 at 6:04 PM Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:

Could this be part of #12498, #12499?

I haven't had time to look into that much, but it seems potentially


Quentin Christensen wrote:

> Did you resolve this issue with NVDA not exiting from the menu?  I just tried with the beta and it is working fine here for me.  Have you restarted the PC
> since you installed the beta?

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