locked Re: Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA


Hi, Is this with the NVDA beta? I’m not using it. But I got the older version. I don’t have it here. If there’s problems with it I wont bother with it.


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From: brice Mijares
Sent: June 2, 2021 10:30 AM
To: nvda@nvda.groups.io
Subject: Re: [nvda] Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA


Are you the only one having this problem? I'd like to know, that a way I

can say no to the update. thanks.


On 6/2/2021 9:49 AM, Sue J. Ward wrote:

>  Hello. I am experiencing the same thing with NVDA, I uninstalled and

> reinstalled firefox, ran the calm registration tool, created a new

> profile, still nothing and did a system file check, did not find

> anything. According to the scan everything was fixed on my windows10

> home machine. That is the one I am on right now writing out the email.

> Whenever I go to the website just to give you an example cbsnews.com,

> I load it on to firefox and getting unknown message whenever I tab

> around the page think it loads, whenever I press the arrow keys it

> says unknown, am tabbing around again it comes up with unknown but am

> not sure what is going on, but when I am going in to the help section,

> I have to run the trouble shoot mode, it restarts in trouble shoot

> mode everything is fine when am on a website so what is going on here?

> I am not on a network of any kind just your typical modem from Cox.com

> using a wired connection. However I do have a second machine windows10

> pro 64 bit and both the home machine and the pro machine have

> everything up to date and are running 64 bit, it is weird on the

> windows10 pro I did not have to do anything firefox works great on

> that one verses the home machine. I can not figure out why I have to

> restart firefox in trouble shoot mode on the windows home machine. I

> even did a reset think that would help, no such luck there. In fact I

> did load jaws, nothing there. Could someone tell us what is going on

> here? Thank you.

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