Welcome screen is not appeared

Christian’s Vlog

Hi nvda users.
I am from the Philippines I have problem on my nvda on my laptop
I uninstall my nvda two months ago because my laptop is so lag I use narrator after my nvda is uninstalled
So I decided to install again nvda last night after I downloaded on the website, I go to my downloads folder and then I find NVDA on my downloads folder
And then I click NVDA file
And then, the set up screen is appeared on my screen
And then I turn off my narrator
And then after the tone the NVDA speaks
And then I checked agree on the check box and then I hit install on this computer
And then I saw the three boxes and then I leave it alone and then I hit continue button

And then my Secure screen appeared and then I hit alt Y to accept the installation process on my laptop
And then the installation starts
and then after that
Nvda speak says successfully installed
And then I click OK
And then after that nvda restarts and then I wait a little while I heard a tone, and then
Loading nvda. Please wait
And then NVDA says downloads folder
And then the welcome dialogue is not appeared
and then I tried control alt N
and then I heard Tone and then after a second I heard another Tone again
and then it says loading nvda. please wait
And then the NVDA menu is not appeared
So please can you help me?
thank you so much

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