locked Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA

Sue J. Ward

Hello. This is Susan. Well turns out I can use it on my windows10 home addition. On my end I backed up my bookmarks, and created a new profile, thinking it might work, so I loaded up Firefox and it did not work, so I did a google search to find fire fox 88.0.1, so I did download from majorgeeks.com and I did install that. After that I went to a few websites just to test it out and it worked. Then later on that day I tested it again by going to more sites, closed it out, then started up again, and it worked. Then my thought was, okay since I got that working how about if I just upgrade from there to the new version and I did it and it worked. I did the same thing just to see if everything was working and yes, it did. So now I can use the new fire fox with no problems on my windows10 home machine. In fact I just read this digest to check for accessibility settings in the about:config dialog the one where it mentions it is set to zero and it is on my end. I got out of there and all is well. So just thought I would report back and let everyone know what I did on my windows10 home machine. Thank you.
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