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Jacob Kruger

There's no real advantage, and, I came across it before had realised opera was just implementing chrome in a better interface than chrome itself offers...<smile>

Still plan to play around with it, since it might offer some additional interface customising, but, nothing major in terms of being specifically accessible, as far as I can tell thus far.

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On 2016-09-13 2:24 PM, Gene wrote:

I haven't used it enough to have an opinion about adding it to the list in terms of accessibility.  It appears to be more or less accessible from the little I played with it.  I may or may not be curious enough to test it further.  But my question is, what advantage does the browser present?  In my brief testing, I saw none.  I read a review in PC Magazine and the benefits appear to be those sighted people would be interested in.  I saw nothing that would improve useability for blind users.  We don't care and don't benefit from the kinds of visual differences you can choose such as stacking tabs in a different way. 
So, at present, my view is that even if the browser is included in the list of accessible browsers, I see no advantage in using it.
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Hi Jacob

Just found your email and downloaded the browser to take it for a quick test drive. it seems pretty useable and also lets you use most quick navigation keys. I was able to go to different pages and go back to the main one etc

I have not had a look under the settings etc but it seem to speak out menus etc as wewll as the web content.

I wonder if others users have taken it for a test drive and what do they think of it as well, should it be added to the list of useable browsers it seems very likely. so far.

Gene nz

On 6/07/2016 8:10 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
Seems this browser uses something like some of chrome's elements to render actual web content, and just gave it a very quick try, but, the main reason is since, according the review came across of it, it's highly customisable in terms of most of it's interface - haven't had a chance to try too much of that as of yet, but, yes, could browse the 'net with it, and, while don't know many keyboard shortcuts - think you can also customise them, it seems usable:
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