locked Re: Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA


Thats true.

In fact I'd go so far as to say, the older your box the easier it may be.

Older boxes don't rely on manufacturer drivers because they are to old.

If old enough they may not even rely on generic drivers.

They may rely on windows update drivers which while old and crappy still work.

Or they may not have any need for extras and work as is.

Where it can become an issues is with the newer systems that rely on as many avenues as they can to update.

This is good, you get the latest and greatest but you can also have issues.

Being the local admin here, I like to update before someone else does and see.

If it really screws up, I'll just reformat and move on.

I have backups and all data is on another drive so if it falls over, I won't lose much.

I have had 2 other systems here, both constantly used by their users.

And I will not be popular if  documents and stuff my dad uses can't be used because of a broken install.

Saying that, the modern systems actually don't give much of an issue generally unless you are unlucky  or microsoft gives you a semi cooked fruitcake which sadly happens a lot more often than is healthy but still we muddle through.

In this reguard amd because they do gaming do update their display constantly as well as other stuff so if you need the power and certainty and stability I'd go with those.

You can get instability but you know that those will be fixed within the next month.

On 4/06/2021 5:39 am, Jackie wrote:
This is windows. You can't possibly figure out all the software &
hardware combinations out there that might possibly cause something to
explode. Apple has it far easier in that regard, & they still manage
to blow stuff up nonetheless.

On 6/3/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Which means nothing. the problem may not affect most or the majority of
users. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Beta testing is done with a lot of people using a lot of different computers
because a program that works well on most machines may not on some and the
purpose of beta testing is to look for unknown problems that show up on some

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that's three of us now with no problems.

On 2021-06-03 12:52 p.m., Shaun Oliver wrote:
um, I just updated to version 89.0 and I've not seen any issue what so

On 3/06/2021 2:44 pm, Jackie rambled on about the following:
press ctrl l & run about:config. Press the button to tell them you'll
accept the risk. Search for the word accessibility. Having thus said,
that does not appear to be the problem.

Jamie can't reproduce this on any system in his possession, but he & I
will be working together tomorrow evening my time, Friday morning his,
to see if we can't reach some sort of conclusions.

On 6/2/21, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:
Hi Group,

I m wondering that if by default Firefox 89 is having the box
blocking accessibility checked checked by default. If this is true,
there is a way using a hack of some sort involving the configuration
editor to uncheck it without having to use sighted assistance.
Unfortunately, I seem to have deleted the information concerning just
how this is done.

On 6/2/2021 2:16 PM, Jackie wrote:
Obviously not, since I'm the 1 who actually started this thread. Given
that at least 1 other individual is experiencing this, & given that
Mozilla has made significant underlying changes to its interface, I'd
seriously suggest updating w/caution. I guess I'll not comment any
more though, because Narrator & Jaws don't work w/it either, so I
think this is not an issue w/NVDA, & I apologize for posting regarding

Interestingly, if I start firefox when choosing a profile every time,
it works. If I select any profile & start it up w/o asking, it blows
up. In other words, even if I choose a profile from the profile list
and start it, everything's fine. If I load the same profile
automatically, stuff craters. Go figure! How the firetruck does one
report that & be believable?

On 6/2/21, brice Mijares <bmijares33@...> wrote:
Are you the only one having this problem? I'd like to know, that a
way I
can say no to the update. thanks.

On 6/2/2021 9:49 AM, Sue J. Ward wrote:
Hello. I am experiencing the same thing with NVDA, I
uninstalled and
reinstalled firefox, ran the calm registration tool, created a new
profile, still nothing and did a system file check, did not find
anything. According to the scan everything was fixed on my windows10
home machine. That is the one I am on right now writing out the
Whenever I go to the website just to give you an example
I load it on to firefox and getting unknown message whenever I tab
around the page think it loads, whenever I press the arrow keys it
says unknown, am tabbing around again it comes up with unknown
but am
not sure what is going on, but when I am going in to the help
I have to run the trouble shoot mode, it restarts in trouble shoot
mode everything is fine when am on a website so what is going on
I am not on a network of any kind just your typical modem from
using a wired connection. However I do have a second machine
pro 64 bit and both the home machine and the pro machine have
everything up to date and are running 64 bit, it is weird on the
windows10 pro I did not have to do anything firefox works great on
that one verses the home machine. I can not figure out why I have to
restart firefox in trouble shoot mode on the windows home machine. I
even did a reset think that would help, no such luck there. In
fact I
did load jaws, nothing there. Could someone tell us what is going on
here? Thank you.
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