Re: To all xp users who were running dropbox


I don't know what the last exchange was between Mike and me on the list.  I had assumed that all exchanges were on list.  Perhaps the exchange where Mike explained the procedure was taken off list and sent only to me.  I haven't checked.  At any rate, what I explained should work and is the procedure, that Mike uses.

From: Arno Schuh
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 7:44 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] To all xp users who were running dropbox

Am Dienstag, 13. September 2016 14:16 schrieb Gene <gsasner@...>:

> I don't know how people didn't seem to read the exchange I had with
> Mike on this subject.  It appears that no one is using the method
> Mike uses, which works,

No it definately doesn't work here. If it works on your system - something
on your computer may be different to my or most of other XP machines. So if
it runs these way on your computer - that didn't mean it runs on any other
XP machine.



and as far as I can see, the version of Drop
> Box being used doesn't matter.  I have what, as far as I know, is the
> most recent version.
> If Drop Box is running, close it so you are starting from the same
> place as I did when I tried this.
> Then run Drop Box in the usual way, by pressing enter on the Drop Box
> icon on the desk top.
> Once it is ready, press enter on the icon again.
> Drop Box will open and read a message that says to log in, use
> control g.
> Execute the command control g.
> Your default browser will open on the Drop Box login page.
> Log in.
> You will be logged in in the Drop Box application and you will remain
> logged in using the application even if you close and reopen it.
> If you alt tab around, you may see a window at some point that is
> titled drop box error.  Ignore it.  You are not following a supported
> procedure, but the error window has no effect on what you are doing.
> All your files will be indexed again but once the indexing message
> disappears from the system tray information about Drop Box it will be
> ready to use.  It may take awhile for the indexing message to stop
> being displayed and.  You will see the usual up to date message after
> it disappears.  There will be a very brief time when you see some
> other message about changing a certain number of files or something
> like that but it doesn't matter.  It will be replaced with the up to
> date message.
> Gene

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