Re: Input Gestures Pane/Dialog - I'm drawing a blank with regard to tweaking a keyboard shortcut I've previously created

Tyler Spivey

You just have to remove it and re-add the one you want.

On 6/4/2021 8:30 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Hello All,
. . . and not with regard to opening it (NVDA+N,P,N).  I quickly reacquainted myself with right arrowing to expand a given item, in this case Easy Table Navigator (but that's not really important), going through the related items beneath with up/down arrow, but when it comes to the item I want to change, I don't seem to be able to get it to open unless I'm using the mouse to click on it.
In this case I was trying to change the Keyboard Shortcut that toggles the Easy Table Navigator layer that allows you to use arrow keys to move through tables on/off.  I had initially changed it to CTRL+E and quickly realized that I didn't want to keep that.
Once I'm down at the level in the Input Gestures where I'm under Easy Table Navigator, and I'm sitting on the entry that's read, "Level 2, Ctrl+E, (keyboard, all layouts)," what do I hit to open that and change it?  Or is this a circumstance where I must select it, activate the remove button, then add it back again?  I thought you could edit these, but perhaps I'm not remembering correctly.
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