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If you type the letters themselves, such as fl, in the speech dictionary as the pattern, and then the same letters again in the pronounced as field, you will accomplish what you want. 

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Patrick is absolutely correct that this is a function of the synthesizer(s) in use rather than NVDA itself.  When faced with an unpronounceable sequence like FL10 (F L 1 0) it's got to "take a guess" and since FL is a state abbreviation it makes at least some sense to try "Florida ten."  In the case of NV-Access or NV Access it makes perfect sense to "guess" that NV would be Nevada.

The NV-Access or NV Access case is easy enough as far as a regex match with substitution.  FL10 would not probably require a regex, but that really depends on exactly what it is you're trying to change and how many variants on the pronunciation you need.

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