[Solved] Problem with Bluetooth clipping words


We don’t know if there is a problem that needs to be solved.  there well may not be.  Sometimes, you hear unknown spoken and everything works properly.  Since nothing is specified, such as a problem using some browsers, the question may be asking why unknown is spoken.  If so, I would say to just ignore it.  If you load a web page, hear unknown spoken, and you can move properly in the page, there isn’t a problem, just a behavior that causes no interference with using NVDA.

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Hi, Anthony,


Do you know how to runthe com registration tool? I’ve had to do that whenever I heard “unknown”. You’ll find the com registration tool in the NVDA menu under “tools”.


Hope this helps.






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Can somebody explain to me that everytime when the NVDA screen reader is loaded, it keeps announcing the word unknown. Even when I use firefox.

Thanks in advance






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