Re: A few questions about NVDA, eSpeak NG, and languages (non-programer)

Louder Pages <lp@...>

Daniel, Sorry about the email issue - yes inq@... with an "S".

I meant to say - you could check out RHVoice's Tatar  language to see how it compares with that issue you identified with Espeak-NG.

Meanwhile, if the other readers will indulge me, I would like to show off our latest voice, Kiko.  It will make an appearance with an NVDA and SAPI download in a week or two. 

Here are some comparison clips for people who are interested.  Same text, three ways:  E-Speak, Kiko, Kiko double speed.   I hope the E-speak m4a format works for people.  E-speak is so far the only Macedonian TTS available.  Until now.

- Mark

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