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Pranav Lal

Hi Brian,


There is no way to label the object. Having said that, try going into its properties and check if you can add an alternative text description.

I did not know that you can link multiple objects with a single link.


As for activating the link, I send my documents to sighted people and do ensure I keep a copy of whatever I am linking to. I do not know of any accessible way of opening such documents.



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Subject: [nvda] NVDA, MS-Word, and Linked/Embedded Files


Before I even think about opening a GitHub ticket about this, I thought I'd ask here in case there's something I'm doing wrong or a setting I don't know about that I need to tweak.  Some of what follows is NVDA-specific while others are about MS-Word in light of what's happening when using the screen reader, but not about NVDA, per se.

A question came up on the JAWS list about how to put a link to a file (not a hyperlink, but a link to another file on your computer) in to a Word document.  This is commonly known in geek speak as object linking and embedding, with the object in this case being another word file.  This is the topic: Links Within Word Document

In my case, I created a Word document in which I linked to another Word file,  I elected to use the Display as icon option, as I didn't want the text from that file displaying inline in the document I was working on, just easy access to it when that is wanted.

1. When I gain focus on the linked file, NVDA announces nothing but, "embedded object."  This is problematic in two respects.  The object is not embedded, but linked, and in this context that is a distinction with significant difference.  The name of the file itself, which actually displays beneath the icon for the linked file (it kind looks like a button, but without an edge around it), is not announced.  So you get nothing but "embedded object."  If a file where to have multiple linked or embedded objects there would be no way for the screen reader user to know exactly which type of thing they've gained focus on nor, in the case of a linked object displayed as icon, the actual name of the file so linked.  Is there something I can change as far as how this is announced?

2. "The sighted way" to fire up a separate Word window for a linked file displayed as icon is to double click on that icon.  But, I cannot seem to activate the icon once I have focus on it using "the typical methods" (like hitting Enter, for instance) when I have focus on it.  If there is a keyboard method to do this, what is it?


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