Re: the new voices for nvda


On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 10:48 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
But if you would mod the klatt voices some more, and really play around with the intonation file adding more tunes statements and assigning them to different variants mostly based on klatt... ESpeak could be and would be greatly improved.
Josh, not that I have anything against your ideas or ambitions, because I don't, but when I read something like this my first thought is:  What need does this address?

If it can be done relatively easily and someone feels like doing it, then have at it.  But on the things that should be bubbling to the top of the "What we need or want to do next" list, this is not likely to be there.  The availability of synths and voices is by no means small as it is.  This kind of "high geeky" fine tuning is unlikely to be touched by more than a very select few.  That matters when setting priorities.

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