Re: the new voices for nvda

Josh Kennedy

I already know how to modify espeak intonation file and modify and add tunes definitions. It's just a matter of getting the numbers right. The only other part I really need to or want to know how to do is where do I go, what lines do I change in order to modify the formants of espeak or rather speech player in espeak klatt voices in order to make different kinds of voices such as deeper male voice, voice with different head-size, child voice, voice with more or less bass, voice with more or less trebble? I like Jake Gross's speech player in espeak because it lets me use speech player as sapi5 so it works with other applications. It's a slightly older espeak but as far as I know espeak ng does not have a good stable sapi5 implementation? but older espeak including Jake Gross's speech player in espeak works good with sapi5. 

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