Re: NVDA, MS-Word, and Linked/Embedded Files

Luke Davis

Brian Vogel wrote:

I am talking about object linking and embedding here, and had hoped that there may have been something I missed about making NVDA (or any screen
reader, in all probability) actually tell you the name of the file that's linked and where the show as icon option for the linked content was employed.
Here is my question on this. The method I described (Word context menu, create link): what is it for, and how is it inferior to object linking/embedding in the way you described?

I assume MS has both there for a reason, and that they also act differently for a reason.
But visually what is the difference in the end result?
Why should one method be preferred over the other?

The method I found seems to include the filename just fine, but I'm guessing it is less preferable than object embedding for some reason I am missing.


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