Re: Renaming File Extensions in Bulk

JM Casey

Hmm...I wouldn't bother making that particular change if I were you, but assuming you ahve good reason to do it, I would use command line.
The command "ren" will rename files. You can use wildcares. Make sure you know the path of the drive/folder you want to affect and eitehr navigate there with the "cd" command or type it in with the ren command. For example
Ren h:\documents\*.docx,*.doc
That should accomplish what you want.
But if you're trying to get documents to open on an old version of Word by changing the extension, this won't really work.

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Hello NVDA,

What is the smoothest way to rename file extensions on a USB drive?
I wish to have all of them appear as 'doc' files and not 'docx' files.
Can this be accomplished in WordPad or in Jarte?
Thanks in advance for your help.
David C. Russell, Author

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