Re: Renaming File Extensions in Bulk


It sounds as though those utilities actually convert the files from one format to another.  I don’t know if any information such as formatting may be lost or changed, but if you want to have a different format file, that’s the way to do it.  Changing the extension means you have a file of one kind matched with an incorrect extension. 
changing the format means the file extension and the format of the file match.

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David Russell wrote:

>  I wish to have all of them appear as 'doc' files and not 'docx' files.

While completely indorsing what others have said, if you really do have
some good reason for doing this, a tool like the following might help you.
I do not confirm its accessibility, or guarantee it in any other way. It
is just the first Google result for "convert multiple files from .docx to

You might also look at this, which is free:


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