Re: Renaming File Extensions in Bulk


Well you can't, docx is the xml document file used for word formats 2007 and higher so it probably won't work.

but ok, press winkey and r.

type cmd and hit enter

then go to the letter of your drive, lets call it f

go to the directory the files are in by typing cd dirname\subdir, etc and hit enter.

if this is all in root then don't bother about that.

type ren or rename *.docx *.doc and hit enter.

all the files will be renamed.

Now weathher they will work is another story.

Docx is the new word document format doc is the older format from word 97 and below.

On 9/06/2021 6:06 am, David Russell wrote:
Hello NVDA,

What is the smoothest way to rename file extensions on a USB drive?
I wish to have all of them appear as 'doc' files and not 'docx' files.
Can this be accomplished in WordPad or in Jarte?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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