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I agree jean.

Exactly what I told the above poster, I also gave them a way to rename the files though why is a different question.

On 9/06/2021 6:21 am, Gene wrote:

If they are docx files, you shouldn’t change the extension.  Extension names mean something.  If you change an extension, a program may not interpret a file correctly.  Its like renaming wave files as mp3.  they are different formats.  What are you trying to accomplish.  If you tell us why you want to rename the files, we may be able to answer the underlying question of what you want to do and the best way to do it.
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Subject: [nvda] Renaming File Extensions in Bulk
Hello NVDA,

What is the smoothest way to rename file extensions on a USB drive?
  I wish to have all of them appear as 'doc' files and not 'docx' files.
Can this be accomplished in WordPad or in Jarte?
Thanks in advance for your help.
David C. Russell, Author

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