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Paul Benson

Hello Pranav and all,

Thoroughly annoying when the half-composed message is lost. Perhaps a plan B is available? Compose the reply message in Notepad or similar and only open up Outlook to copy the completed reply from clipboard into the required location. This also allows simple regular updates while composing.

Paul Benson.

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Outlook 2016 works with NVDA but there is one issue which renders it almost
unusable. At least on my computer, when composing a message or replying to a
message, NVDA locks up randomly. The only way to recover is to reboot the
computer. I have raised tickets about this problem.


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Subject: [nvda] microsoft word 2-16 and outlook 2016:

Hi how well does outlook and Microsoft word 2016 work with nvda? I am planning
on upgrading to office 2016 soon, and I was wondering how accessible Microsoft
outlook 2016 is.

Kenny Peyattt jr.

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