Re: Renaming File Extensions in Bulk

Angelo Sonnesso

Get a copy of LibreOffice, it is MS office compatible.
The newer versions work well with screen readers.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Hello NVDA Members,

Thanks to each of you for responding to my post concerning changing
the file extension from docx to doc. This was to make Jarte more user
friendly. However, You and my 'wife' are right about changing docx to
doc does not necessarily work. Either get a converter program, or get
a newer version of MS Word appear to be my two choices.
To save time, I cannot install MS Word on my new computer via a
product key that came with the computer, because my MicroSoft account
info is partially lost and in error.
Jarte seems to say I need the converter pack from 2007, it's now 2021.
I suppose learning Google Docs is another option, too and free of
charge. However, I have several files on a thumb drive that I want
access to, and not sure how to go about resolving this mess.
I found the article about renaming bulk files on Computer,
and it sounded easy to do and like what I needed to do, but evidently
I miscalculated on both. Now you know much of the story.. Thanks!

David C. Russell, Author, and one of the steps pre-install, is to add
your account info.

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