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Brian, you're correct, of course, except there are some areas that are
really lacking in LO. For example, the 'say all' function doesn't
actually work, & I personally like using that to gauge the flow of my
writing. Softmaker, unfortunately, really isn't usable, at least from
my experience. It's like Paul Simon said in "Mrs. Robinson", I
guess--"laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose, any
way you look at it you lose." Aint bein' blind fun! :).

On 6/9/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
When it comes to Jarte, it exists in a "grey area" where it's still being
distributed, but it is, for all practical intents and purposes,
unsupported.  For that reason and that reason alone, it makes more sense to
go with something like LibreOffice or SoftMaker Free Office that can handle
both reading in and saving out in DOCX format with ease.

The DOC format is supported by most because so many ancient DOC files exist,
and the need to read them does and will exist far into the future.  But most
word processors that do read in a DOC will generally prompt you to use DOCX,
ODT, or some other more modern file format if you have modified a DOC file
and go to save it.

And LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and SoftMaker Free Office (in the testing I've
done if it is installed using the option for its menu interface - its ribbon
interface is inaccessible in the current free version) are all accessible
and all handle all of the modern file formats.

Going through great gyrations in order to shoehorn backward compatibility
with software such as Jarte, which is in a twilight state, just does not
make sense.

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