Re: Renaming File Extensions in Bulk


On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 11:45 AM, Jackie wrote:
For example, the 'say all' function doesn't
actually work, [in Libre Office]
That actually shocks me.  I have not seen anyone make that assertion in the past, and there have been a lot of LO users passing through here, the Win10 for Screen Reader Users, and JAWS groups.

To me, that's an absolute essential, regardless of what you're using.  It's got to be able to be read through.

But I stand behind my general assertion that using unsupported or "twilight state" software doesn't make sense.  Even if there are issues with LO, as but one example, most organizations have a commitment to accessibility these days (and the makers of LO definitely do) so reports of issues are likely to be addressed and fixes forthcoming.  That's never happening with Jarte, or any other "twilight state" or unsupported software.  You just keep having to do more and more contortions as time goes by to continue using it, and, eventually, it generally breaks in a way that makes it unusable.  If I'm going to put my energies into something it's going to be into something with a future, not a past.

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