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What is the importance of the thumb drive?  You can either load the files into whatever word processor you are using directly from the thumb drive or you can copy and paste them to wherever you want to load them from on the c drive.  But I see no connection between your conversion question and the files being on a thumb drive.

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Hello NVDA,

This is mostly an update and reaction to the thread per this post, but
know I send heart-felt thanks to each of you.

Ruis, you're correct about WordPad being an option. However, the files
in question are on a USB or as it is commonly called, a thumb drive.
You were the only one to bring up this option.

Gene, Brian, Luke and Jackie
I agree that working with something in the gloaming stage makes little
sense in the long-run. However, the solution to download the
compatibility pack may be a quick fix and stave off the inevitable for
temporary. I am not the most tech savvy guy on the block..
Yes, Libre Office sounds good, I skimmed its website, but am a bit
daunted by some of the tech terms and formats stated. Too bad the
WordPerfect days were short-lived due to a monopoly that gives two
poops about its users.

My effort to go to
in order to initiate recovery of my Microsoft Account was tedious,
frustrating, and a joke. I spent over an hour playing their audio
capscha game where one has a series of statements to interpret.
Creating an email account wasn't much better either.

One of you has contacted me off list, and I am very grateful for this
person's time and interest. I am not ruling out LO, and am impressed
it welcomes solutions suggested for found problems, and has something
like a user listserv, too. I will act on this, but not hastily;

I am a short story writer, so would be going into my files to do some
fine tuning. I submit my efforts to online venues, sometimes via or other, where uploading an attachment is required.
Some are picky as to format: rtf, doc, docx or pdf. For now, Jarte
with the compatibility pack would be the quickest solution in terms of
time and such. Or, if I can recover my MS account info by miracle, the
product key could be used to install the 2016 version as purchased
with the computer.


David C. Russell, Author

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