Re: Problem with Weather Plus Addon


If the original poster wants to take this as an affront, so be it, but it's not meant that way.  Real world examples that serve as "what not to do" examples require comment.  This is one of those.

I keep asking, and the group rules ask, that descriptive (and by that we mean *specifically* descriptive) titles be given.  This topic was started out with the topic, "Addon Problem," but then in the message itself identifies the add-on as Weather Plus.

The specific add-on (or issue - this isn't about just topics on add-ons - it's about picking good topic titles) needs to be clearly identified in the topic title when the topic is started, not require it be edited in later by group administration.

Please, folks, give a title to your topics that clearly, very clearly, indicates what's about to be discussed or asked about in greater detail in the message itself.

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