Re: Problem with Weather Plus Addon

Adriano Barbieri

It works, something probably went wrong during the installation.
Try checking in %appdata%\nvda\addons and let them know.

Il 11/06/2021 07:13, Luke Davis ha scritto:

Adriano Barbieri posted the following to the add-ons list today:
You can get his contact information from NVDA's add-ons manager.

Hi to every one,

Note: this package contains incomplete translations, due to delays with the translation system also for the emergency that Weather_Plus 7.7 with Yahoo
Weather API is no longer functional.
Note2: Set the API response language from the add-on settings window, if your language is available.
This thing is experimental, it may be that your language is missing, I know for example the Croatian one is missing, but if it should be unsatisfactory, in the future I will replace it with an internal translatable list.
Feedback is welcome.


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