Re: NVDA screen reader problem with fire fox version 90

Ian Blackburn

Yes works courses a couple of problems with closing multiple open windows in Firefox

On 11 Jun 2021, at 8:20 pm, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

There is a problem with the newest Firefox that affects some users.  Here is a message from another list about how to work around the problem.  Also, according to a reliable person on the other list, Firefox developers are learning about what causes the problem in order to correct it.
It's a known issue with Firefox - but oddly only for some users.
A workaround from Mozilla is to try the following:
1. Start Firefox.
2. Enter the address about:config in the address bar.
3. Accept the warning.
4. In the search box, enter the word skeleton
5. In the table below, browser.startup.preXulSkeletonUI should appear and
it will have a value of true. Press the Toggle button to set it to false.
6. Restart Firefox.
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I installed the latest fire fox version 90 and it isn’t working properly, can some body tell me if it is compatable with NVDA please?

Thanks in advance



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