locked Editing paragraphs in MS Word 2010

Milos Przic

Hello all,
I do have the Microsoft Word with NVDA instructions book, I baught it a few years ago. I have read the parts of the book concerning paragraphs in Ms Word, but still want to ask more experienced people here as to how to do what I want, because it is a very important requirement for the publication I prepare an article for.
The paragraph requirement states this: "First Line: 0,5 (1,27". If I do it for the entire document, it will make all the paragraphs the same. But for the keywords, for example, the requirements are different: First line auto, Col 1. What is it? And, if I want to make a paragraph look or be indented differently from the other paragraphs, should I select all the text in it and then set up the changes, or is it enough to be in that paragraph without selecting the text in it? I ask because I have the impression that, when I go to the context menu and then to the paragraph option when no text is selected, that the set options apply to the whole document.
Thanks to everyone in advance, and best regards!

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