Re: NVDA and Bandcamp.

Jonathan COHN

Bandcamp could add a simple href="" or actually use buttons instead of anchors that are then told by aria that they are buttons.
Perhaps asking for an enhancement to NVDA for the ability to have space converted to a move mouse to object and then click when space is pressed on a <a> with role=button.

So, band camp could add a attribute or add a keyup handler and this button should work.

On Jun 11, 2021, at 12:18, John Isige <gwynn@...> wrote:

Hi all.

I've asked this question before, but it was ages ago, so I'm asking it again for two reasons. Is there a way to do it, i.e. did something change, and if not, where do I complain about it to get it fixed?

Is there a way to play things on Bandcamp using NVDA? I use Firefox, but I've also tried it on Chrome and Edge, so switching browsers isn't going to help. I literally just checked with Edge. Here's our sample page.

If I hit 'b' to go to the first play/pause button, I've tried:

1. Routing with numpad-zero numpad-slash, and then double clicking with numpad slash. This used to work, but hasn't for a while.

2. Routing as above, and hitting numpad-zero numpad-enter.

3. Getting on to the button via normal navigation, e.g. tab, arrows, and hitting enter.

4. Same, but hitting space.

5. Same, hitting shift-numpad-enter, this just opens a new window.

Somebody said a while ago that there's a graphic next to the buttons. For a while, sometimes I could find it, it would read as a blank line, and if I hit enter on that, it would play. But it didn't show up consistently, even within the same page, and I haven't seen that happen in, probably over a year.

So basically, with NVDA and any browser I know of, I can't make things play on Bandcamp, and I'd really like to, because it's pretty hard to decide if you're going to buy music if you can't hear it. If there's no solution for this, do I post on NVDA's Github page? Do I try to get in touch with Bandcamp? Both? I'd really like this to get solved, one way or another. If that means I'm being dumb and missing something obvious, so much the better. But I'm pretty sure it's just broken, because I'm fairly sure others have had problems with it too.

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