Re: NVDA and Bandcamp.

John Isige

Thanks for the suggestion!

Since I didn't feel like using another browser just for Bandcamp, I searched to see if there's a Firefox extension, and found this.

If not in focus mode, ctrl-space plays and pauses. If in focus mode, space plays and pauses, and q and d do previous and next track respectively. If not in focus mode, q and d don't work.

It's still a little tricky to make work, it doesn't seem to work on the play button at the top where I think it just plays whatever track it has for a sample, or the first track if you can play all of them. Also I did run into an issue where I had to go to a play button in the list of tracks a couple of times to get it to be focused on the button so space would work when I went into focus mode. There might be other extensions that work better, this is just the first one I saw that was particularly about playing with the keyboard. So it looks like browser extensions FTW!

On 6/11/2021 11:49 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

I'd suggest you have a look at the Chrome extension, Bandcamp Player Keyboard Shortcuts, which can be used on any Chromium-based browser if you set those other browsers to allow extensions from outside sources (if that's necessary).  It was last updated in December 2020, so it's unlikely to be dead, though I will not guarantee that. See this article on how to enable Chrome Web Store Extensions in Edge:  

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Brave automatically allows and uses the Chrome Web Store for Extensions, and in Vivaldi this is under the Privacy settings, in a dedicated section for Google Extensions, and appears to be automatically enabled as well (unless I turned this on at one point and have forgotten, and I don't think I did).


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