locked Re: Renaming or moving sheets in Excel

Vaibhav Saraf


To rename a sheet use - AltĀ + H, O, R - commands in specified sequence. A modal will open up, you can provide a new name and hit Enter.

To move or duplicate, use AltĀ + E, M - you can schoose to move current sheet ahead of any other sheet, or check the checkbox to create a copy at any specified spot.

Hope that helps.

On Sat, 12 Jun 2021 at 15:32, Sandra Pilz <sandra914481@...> wrote:


When using JAWS or Narrator in Excel, once you have opened a file, you can press f6 to see the name of the current sheet, to see other sheets in the file , rename it or select another sheet. When using NVDA, pressing f6 does nothing.

Is there another way to get to the sheet list in NVDA?

I use Office 365 and NVDA 2020.4.



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